Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Basic Classics. Books about LA for architecture students / Clásicos básicos. Libros sobre LA para estudiantes de arquitectura

I respond to the request of students at ARC 590, and propose in chronological order 10 (+1) classic readings for approaching the architecture of Southern California. I hope you enjoy them. I wait for your comments

MCCOY, ESTHER / cap. MAKINSON, RANDELL L. / int. ENTENZA, JOHN, Five California Architects, Reinhold, Los Angeles, 1960

BANHAM, REYNER, Los Angeles, the Architecture of Four Ecologies, Allen Lane The Penguin Press, London, 1971

GEBHARD, DAVID / VON BRETON, HARRIETTE, L.A. In The Thirties, Peregrine Smith, Salt Lake City, 1975

GEBHARD, DAVID / WINTER, ROBERT Architecture in Los Angeles. A Compleat Guide, Gibbs Smith / Peregrine Smith, Salt Lake City, 1984 (
and subsequent editions)

MCCOY, ESTHER / int. PELLI, CESAR, The Second Generation, Gibbs Smith / Peregrine Smith, Salt Lake City, 1984

STARR, KEVIN, Inventing The Dream. California Through the Progressive Era, Oxford University, New York, 1985

KAPLAN, SAM HALL / fotog. SHULMAN, JULIUS / dis. LEVY, DANA, LA Lost and Found. An Architectural History of Los Angeles, Crown, New York, 1987

THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART / ed. SMITH, ELIZABETH A. T. / cap. MCCOY, ESTHER / HINES, THOMAS S. / SEARING, HELEN / STARR, KEVIN / SMITH, ELIZABETH A.T. / BANHAM, REYNER / HAYDEN, DOLORES, Blueprints for Modern Living: History and Legacy of the Case Study Houses, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Ángeles, MIT Press, Cambridge MA and London, 1989

DAVIS, MIKE / fot. MORROW, ROBERT, City of Quartz. Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, Verso, New Left Books, London 1990

HINES, THOMAS S., Architecture of the Sun. California Modernism 1900-1970, Rizzoli, New York, 2010

COLL-BARREU, JUAN / int. MANGADO, FRANCISCO, Construcción de los paisajes inventados. Los Ángeles doméstico 1900-1960, Fundación Caja de Arquitectos, Barcelona, 2004

Respondo a la petición de los alumnos de ARC 590 y os propongo, en orden cronológico, 10 (+1) libros clásicos para aproximarse a la arquitectura del Sur de California. Espero que os gusten, y espero vuestros comentarios 

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